Hakuhodo joins NYC Media Lab as a Corporate Member to Explore Customer Solutions with AR Technology

NYC Media Lab will collaborate with Hakuhodo on research and development in 2019.

Hakuhodo Inc. (Tokyo) announced its Corporate Membership with NYC Media Lab, a consortium that connects universities in New York City with executives from the media and technology industry. The partnership will fund new research and prototyping experiments using multi-user augmented reality (AR) with Hakuhodo’s R&D department.

Hakuhodo Executive Manager of R&D Masato Aoki with NYC Media Lab Executive Director Justin Hendrix

Hakuhodo Executive Manager of R&D Masato Aoki with NYC Media Lab Executive Director Justin Hendrix

In recent years, technologies such as AR, virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) have made rapid progress—both scientifically and in the marketplace. With ongoing  advancements to mobile devices and smartphones, such as higher speeds and lower bandwidth, mainstream consumer adoption for these technologies is now a reality. With this progress, the needs and expectations of consumers are changing.  

Hakuhodo’s R&D department is focused on analyzing consumer behaviors and developing advanced solutions with new technologies. NYC Media Lab, founded in 2010, will bring its experience in prototyping and development and will guide the team as it works to address new forms of consumer experiences using emerging technologies. Key to the collaboration is a forthcoming project that will address how multi-user, cloud-based AR applications can lead to enhanced customer engagement with brands.

As the company expands its emerging technology investment, Hakuhodo will continue to undergo collaborative research with other companies, universities and organizations both in Japan and abroad. “NYC Media Lab looks forward to working with Hakuhodo as it develops new business solutions with advanced technology,” said Justin Hendrix, Executive Director of NYC Media Lab. “These collaborations help our teams deliver new value to society while promoting technological innovation across the globe.”

“We are very excited to be a member of NYC Media Lab and it’s a great honor to be the first Japanese company in the community,” said Masato Aoki, Executive Manager of Hakuhodo R&D department. “We believe to combine our knowledge and technologies from Japan with ones in NYC drives technological innovation forward.”

About Hakuhodo
Founded in 1895, Hakuhodo is an integrated advertising and communication agency headquartered in Japan. The core agency of the Hakuhodo DY Group, Hakuhodo is the world’s 6th largest advertising agency according to Advertising Age’s “Agency Report 2018.”

The Hakuhodo Group has offices in 20 countries and regions, and over 10,000 specialists working in Japan and abroad. Hakuhodo is strengthening its structure in emerging countries, particularly those in Asia, as it prepares to further expand its business across the region.

Sei-katsu-sha insight is the foundation for Hakuhodo’s thinking, planning, and brand building. It reminds us that consumers are more than shoppers performing an economic function. They have heartbeats. They are individuals with distinct lifestyles. Hakuhodo introduced this term in the 1980s to emphasize its commitment to a comprehensive, 360-degree perspective on consumers’ lives.

Renowned for its creativity, Hakuhodo has twice won the Grand Prix at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and was the only agency headquartered in Asia to be awarded a Special Lion commemorating Cannes Lions’ 50th anniversary in 2003.

To learn more, visit: www.hakuhodo-global.com 

About NYC Media Lab
NYC Media Lab connects media and technology companies with New York City’s universities to drive innovation, entrepreneurship and talent development. A public-private partnership launched by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, NYC Media Lab funds prototyping projects that foster collaboration across a range of disciplines core to the future of media. The Combine, an early stage accelerator for emerging media and technology startups, is now in its fourth year.