Press Highlights: Machines + Media 2018

Machines + Media 2018, generously sponsored and hosted by Bloomberg for a second year, took place on May 15th 2018 at Bloomberg. The event convened researchers, executives, and journalists from across the university, media, technology communities for a full day of panels, keynote presentations, startup pitches and networking. 


This year’s program gave special consideration to topics such as fake news and disinformation, changing business models, and the impact of automation on the media. Speakers from Bloomberg, Google, IBM Watson, Hearst, The New York TimesAssociated Press, Havas, Dow Jones, BuzzFeed and more joined the program. To see the full list of speakers, and to get in touch, browse the #MachinesMedia18 Twitter list of program participants

NYC Media Lab is pleased to share with you the full panel videos and media highlights. Please read on for these details and more...

Press Highlights:

Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait: The Future of News"Automated, personalized, mobile, paid for, and (eventually) less fake. Quality journalism is coming back." – Micklethwait penned this review of the industry as a prelude to his comments at Machines + Media. 

NYC Media Lab Podcast: Technology, Media & Democracy. John Micklethwait joined Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission and Clay Shirky, Vice Provost for Educational Technologies at New York University for the event's opening keynote. They discussed topics such as net neutrality, privacy in media and disinformation. 

Tech at Bloomberg: Machines + Media 2018: New applications of data science and technology in media and journalism. “Technology has sped up the news cycle. Today, news is incredibly valuable for a short period of time – about 10 to 15 seconds for some markets – before the debate quickly turns to why and what’s next.” 

Fusion TV spoke to NYC Media Lab Executive Director Justin Hendrix about the effects of the alarming number of fake videos being made using AI: "Politicians—people in power—will be able to hide behind the possibility that documentary evidence is not real. Just that ability to introduce a little bit of uncertainty will have a profound impact."

MediaPost: Can Robots Do Journalism? "It’s hard to look at the current state of media and see machines as a glorious solution. But given the problems of fake news and robot-driven Twitter accounts, we’re going to have to count on machines programmed with purpose to fight the bad bots filling our feeds." – Steven Rosenbaum reported on the event's startup pitch session.  

Future Forward Podcast. Can machines make the future of Journalism less full of Fake News? the NYC Media Lab says maybe it can. Steven Rosenbaum and Gene DeRose discuss key themes from Machines + Media in relation to the fake news crisis. 

Muck Rack: 4 journalism tech trends to watch from NYC Media Lab’s Machines + Media Conference. "AI can actually help. Brenda Milis from Adobe Stock says AI has been helpful and effective, even giving it the nickname 'automated intern.' She says, 'It can do a lot of grunt work, and creatives can still be creative.'"

Tech, Media & Democracy Pitches

New York City’s universities partnered to support and defend journalism and independent news media — one of the most critical elements of our democracy — as they are increasingly under threat. This unique, first-of-its kind program and collaboration brought together Cornell Tech, Columbia University, City University of New York, New York University, and The New School —in partnership with the NYC Media Lab — to investigate and understand the various threats to journalism and media, and attempt to address these challenges using design, engineering, and computational methods and techniques.

Six of the student-led projects that completed the program were selected to present their work at Machines + Media. Pitches are available to watch at the link below...