Press Clips: Verizon Connected Futrues II

A full list of press clips regarding the Verizon Connected Futures II Program, from NYC Media Lab's consortium of universities.

1. Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Sciences: Four Student Teams Selected for Prestigious NYC Mentoring Program. “For engineers, creativity and entrepreneurship skills are essential—not only for advancing the frontiers of what’s possible but for practically applying new ideas to human challenges. For young engineers, mentoring is another critical element in the mix.” Read here.

2. Verizon Exponent: Verizon Connected Futures II Demo Day. “Verizon stepped in and structured a bridge between local universities, seeking the next level of talent in the field with its Connected Futures Program. Dreams are becoming realities.” Read here.

3. NYU Tandon School of Engineering: Wearable Haptics Company, Co-founded by Alum, Wins Verizon Prototyping Challenge. “Caitlin Sikora, who earned a master’s degree in Integrated Digital Media from NYU Tandon in 2016, is one of the founders of the company, which is developing a “smart” sleeve and insole that use biosensing and haptic feedback to track the movement patterns of the knee and deliver real-time feedback to cyclists, sports trainers, or physical therapists." Read here.

4. CUNY Graduate School of Journalism: J-School Team Produces “Time Travel” App Prototype. “Imagine then tapping on images of times past – and getting pop-up blurbs that offer insight into bygones eras. That’s the vision behind You Are Here, an immersive journalism experience that uses augmented reality to tell New York stories, melding past and present from a street-level view.” Read here.

5. Verizon News: Enabling the Next Generation of Problem Solvers. “The program is the answer to this question: How do you tap the next generation of talent and technology at just the right time and with just the right amount of support?” Read here.

6. The New School/Parsons School of Design: Parsons Student Designers Awarded Funding Through Verizon and NYC Media Lab’s Connected Futures Program. “Katherine Wallace and Danny Dang, BFA Design and Technology ‘17, are helping to confront this pressing issue with Zer, a virtual reality game that aims to provide kids with the tools they need to recognize fake news.” Read here.

7. Columbia Entrepreneurship: Harnessing NYC – Columbia at the Connected Futures Program. “Now, since the program wrapped up its mentorship, three participating teams, EyeStyle, Palmos and Kiko, are building their prototypes into startups...” Read here.

8. School of Visual Arts IxD: Kiwi Selected in the 2016-2017 Verizon Challenge. “Kiwi was selected in the augmented and mixed reality topic area as it considers how we might create an immersive learning experience for high-school students.” Read here.

9. Cornell Tech. NYC Media Lab and Verizon team up with Cornell Tech students to push boundaries. “For us, it's a give first mentality—we want to be supportive of innovation happening on local campuses," said Christian Guirnalda, a program mentor and director at Verizon's open innovation labs, adding, “This is the new Verizon." Read here.

10. NYU Entrepreneur: Myx Reality: NYU Startup Takes the Lead In VR. "Myx was also selected into the Verizon Connected Futures Prototyping and Talent Development program, earlier this Spring, securing an investment of $20,000. Verizon, in partnership with NYC Media Lab, awarded $200,000 to 11 University teams to accelerate the creation of new prototypes within three topic areas: augmented and mixed reality, conversational interfaces, and the Internet of Things." Read here.