Watch the Machines + Media video archive to learn how data is automating the media

Machines + Media, NYC Media Lab's annual event exploring emerging applications for data science in the media, wrapped at Bloomberg.

Tech at Bloomberg published a snapshot of the day, taking a look at how data-driven technologies are changing the way we interact with information, with entertainment, and with one another. The article includes insights from Gideon Mann, Head of Data Science at Bloomberg, and Justin Hendrix, Executive Director of NYC Media Lab. 

Related the event's panel on fake news and computational propaganda, Bloomberg Intelligence also published a research report Machines + Media, a deep dive into how social media platforms and advertisers are leveraging the economics of disinformation.

MediaShift's Bianca Fortis wrote on NYC Media Lab's Machines + Media conference, highlighting the future of machine learning, platforms and publishers, and newsroom best practices. "New technical capabilities, which will be able to personalize, generate and filter content, will transform the media," writes Fortis.

Sara Fischer of Axios caught up with NYC Media Lab Executive Director Justin Hendrix at the event, discussing investment strategies in emerging media and VR/AR.

Interested? The full program sessions are now online here. Follow NYC Media Lab's Medium account for short reviews on investing, platforms and applications of data science in the coming weeks.