NYC Media Lab + Daily News Innovation Lab co-present a debate on fake news

On February 8th 2017, the Daily News Innovation Lab and NYC Media Lab present the next “Conversations” event: “Proposition: We Can Solve The Fake News Problem.” The role of fake news – from PizzaGate to the 2016 election – is of grave importance, and a debate is roiling in tech and media circles about its impact and what can be done to curb it going forward.

By the time we reach the next presidential election cycle, the volume of fake and machine-generated news, information, commentary and debate may explode.  From algorithmically composed text to photorealistic video simulations of people and events, from conversational bots to machine-generated audio that is indiscernible from the voices of politicians, there is a high probability that discourse among citizens will take place in a universe of fictions.

This event – structured as a debate – will chart and discuss key areas of technological advance that will impact the information landscape and consider how technology companies, media, governments and academia will respond to the benefit or detriment of democracy.  It will imagine potential futures, and identify developments that are key to understanding which of those futures is most likely to play out.  Crucially, it will ask the audience to decide: can we solve this problem?  Or is fake news an unavoidable side effect of the internet?

Justin Hendrix (NYC Media Lab) will moderate a debate that includes John Borthwick, David Carroll, Jane Elizabeth, Dean Pomerleau and Melissa Ryan. Further participants will be announced shortly.

The first 25 attendees to RSVP using code NYCMEDIALAB100 will receive free admission. Friends of the Media Lab can receive 25% off admission with code NYCMEDIA25 until capacity is reached. Register at


6:00-6:30: Registration / Networking Reception
6:30-7:30: Panel Discussion and Q&A
7:30-8:30: Networking Reception