Making Machine Learning Smarter

A collaboration from Vonage and New York University's Tandon School of Engineering

Vonage approached NYC Media Lab with a goal to consider the potential of IoT and its impact on our everyday lives.

Vonage and NYC Media Lab convened a team from NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering to examine IoT products to develop a perspective on what’s possible with machine learning platforms and algorithms, and to determine which algorithms would be best suited for the various types of learning that would be required in the IoT field.

The working group produced comprehensive documentation of algorithms and methods used to support machine learning, which helped to frame for Vonage the current competitive landscape in machine learning and home automation. The group also tested if the algorithms could be applied in real-world scenarios where IoT products and services could help consumers. Utilizing publicly-available test data, the team was able to see if their algorithms could automatically detect patterns. Ultimately, the team presented their results to an audience of Vonage executives as an example of how to successfully implement machine learning to provide input for automation or other processes of value to consumers and businesses.