A Plan for Projecting Future Internet Bandwith Trends

A collaboration from Time Warner Cable and NYU Tandon



The growth in Internet bandwidth has historically been fueled by two factors. First is the natural growth in bandwidth as more users go online, new media formats are adopted, and users buy devices with new types of displays. These costs are relatively well known and predictable according to initial trends. The second factor comes from disruptive technologies that dramatically shift the bandwidth use pattern by shifting how users access the network. This includes services like Netflix and BitTorrent, which have resulted in a ground­swell of use that was fundamentally different than previous expectations would have predicted.

 This project, executed by NYU Tandon, focused on building models to study the likely future bandwidth use of four different emerging trends that may potentially be disruptive to Internet bandwidth. In conjunction with Charter Spectrum, NYU Tandon conducted a five-month pilot study of these issues to build initial bandwidth models for these trends.