NBCUniversal: Blockchain and Content Monetization

What’s next for blockchain? NYC Media Lab presented the NBCUniversal Blockchain Prototyping Fellowship: Content Monetization to explore new pricing models for the media industry. A team of researchers from The New School, Columbia Business School, and New York University investigated how micro-payment systems on the blockchain can open up new areas of engagement for customer segments in comparison to more costly subscription services. 

The project resulted in market research that detailed the challenges of blockchain for media. Through rapid prototyping and experimentation, the team discovered various applications and use cases for blockchain technologies in the near, mid, and long term. 

In a presentation at NYC Media Lab’s annual Summit in September 2018, NBCUniversal's Sowmya Gottipati and Dana Martens addressed how media companies are approaching blockchain and artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience.

Participating Team Members  

  • Dana Martens, The New School, Design & Technology

  • Etienne Dejoie, NYU Center for Data Science

  • Thibault Févry, NYU Center for Data Science

  • Chao Qin, Columbia Business School