This is Lenses

An open source tool for instant data visualizations, developed through a collaboration with News Corp, New York University, Columbia University, and NYC Media Lab

Journalists need an easy, fast way to visualize data on mobile platforms. Lenses is a new tool that lets anyone build and transform interactive graphics for mobile audiences.

Unlike existing easy-to-use data viz platforms, it is open-source and extensible, meaning that additional features can be added by its users, and the potential of the tool grows as more people use it. Each data visualization created in Lenses preserves the steps taken to create it, enabling new users to learn how to make sophisticated graphs by seeing how more advanced users have produced visualizations. Lenses encourages transparency and visual literacy, helping people investigate civic data.

Lenses is the recipient of a Prototype Fund grant from the Knight News Challenge. Learn more about Lenses on the Knight Foundation website.