Hearst Enterprise AR Market Research Project



In partnership with Hearst Ventures, NYC Media Lab managed a research project with current MBA students at NYU Stern School of Business. The goal was to forecast how augmented reality technology will be applied across a range of non-entertainment verticals such as finance, healthcare, retail and commerce, manufacturing and logistics.

The working group produced a slide deck, and delivered a 1-hour presentation at Hearst Ventures. In an accompanying white paper, researchers focused on 4 verticals (finance, health, retail/commerce, manufacturing/logistics), outlining the relevant AR-related business models in each vertical. The project provided high-level overviews on the technologies that enable use cases, and indicate a timeline for expectations around maturity of AR technologies.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 11.36.32 AM.png

NYU Stern MBA ‘17 Students Included: 

Ryan Schwartz
Bart Rosenthal
Charles Wieser
Tibby Iz