Verizon Connected Futures II

The Verizon Connected Futures Prototyping and Talent Development program, in partnership with NYC Media Lab, supports the development of new media and technology projects from universities across New York City, linking students and faculty with industry experts. 2016-2017 marked the second year of the program.

The Connected Futures program awarded $200,000 to 11 university affiliated teams, who worked across 3 specific prototyping tracks: augmented and mixed reality, conversational interfaces and the Internet of Things. Participants were recruited following a city-wide outreach process, which included Verizon representatives visiting university campuses for information sessions and a competitive application process. The selected teams met weekly with industry mentors at Verizon as they developed their concepts throughout a 4-month prototyping process.

This program is structured to form a pipeline between NYC universities and Verizon as the company seeks out the next generation of talent.

Participating Teams

Cornell Tech & Parsons School of Design
Andrew Mendez, Xiaoyu Qu, Jasmine Oh
Blend is a tool to curate immersive experiences on mobile phones using augmented reality.

You Are Here
City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism
Sandeep Junnarkar, Jere Hester
YOU ARE HERE is an immersive journalism experience that uses augmented reality to tell NYC stories, melding past and present from a street-level view.

School of Visual Arts & Columbia University Data Science Institute
Elushika Weerakoon, Paula Rangel, Uijun Park, Kuo Zhang
Kiwi is a mobile application scanner for physical textbooks that enhances the reading experience for high school students.

Parsons School of Design
Katherine Wallace, Danny Dang
Zer is a virtual reality game that aims to provide kids with the toolset they need to recognize fake news.

NYU, Interactive Telecommunications Program
Mithru Swarna, Roi Lev, Ondina Frate, Joakim Quach
Myx is a storyboarding tool for 360 filmmaking.

New York University & Cornell Tech
Chumeng Xu, Clara Shim
Felix is an end-to-end IoT solution for large-scale business conventions and conferences, including a smart wearable that supports and facilitates valuable face-to-face interactions and a data analysis platform for vendors and event organizers.

Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Science
Gregory Kollmer, Aykut Askit, John Ryath Sy
Palmos is improving landslide and flooding monitoring and prediction with a wireless network of multi-sensors and machine learning.

Remo Haptics
Pratt Institute & NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Evan Huggins, Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, Aaron Nesser, Caitlin Sikora
Remo Haptics is a smart knee sleeve for sports training that helps adjust movement patterns for optimal performance using biosensing and haptic feedback.

Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science
Wanyi Xu
Kiko is a tool which helps users create cartoon emoji based on the real-time face expression and movement of their faces.

Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science
Jie Feng, Svebor Karaman
EyeStyle is a visual platform for fashion discovery and shopping.

Cornell Tech & Parsons School of Design
Tosin Adeniji, Priyal Parikh, Xia Li
Iris is a smart device that turns any surface into a screen, allowing personalized content to follow you wherever you are in your home.