Samsung Next: The Future of AI Generated Characters

In the future, characters and entities in virtual and augmented reality experiences will be animated by artificial intelligence. NYC Media Lab and Samsung NEXT presented The Future of Animation: AI-Generated Characters to convene a group of selected guests from across the media, technology, and research communities to participate in a program of presentations and discussions. Working collaboratively, the group considered the state of the art for developing AI interactions, with a focus on what is now possible, what gaps exist for researchers and entrepreneurs who seek to build solutions, and what are the ethical dimensions engineers and creators will grapple with as we advance these technologies.

Left: Lil Miquela | Right: Ken Perlin

Speakers & Presenters included

  • Jacob Loewenstein, Spatial

  • Justin Hendrix, NYC Media Lab and RLab

  • Gordey Chernyy, Creative Technologist 

  • Maria Mishurenko, NYU Game Center

  • Stephanie Dinkins, Artist 

  • Aleissia Laidacker, Magic Leap

  • Igal Nassima, Superbright

  • Jessica Hodgins, Facebook

  • Armando Kirwin, Artie

  • Ken Perlin, NYU Future Reality Lab

  • Hossein Rahnama, MIT

  • Courtney Cogburn, Columbia University

  • Jessi Hempel, WIRED

  • Rashida Richardson, AI Now

  • Anezka Sebek, The New School