Machines + Media AI Working Group

Over the past several years, NYC Media Lab has built a community of industry executives and technologists, faculty, students and entrepreneurs each pursuing applications of data science to media. Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and a variety of other technologies are among the most compelling technology developments for media companies, offering possibilities for the creation, production, distribution and monetization of media content and interactive experiences. 

NYC Media Lab formed the Machines + Media Working Group to collaborate, share ideas and engage in joint projects intended to raise the general acumen of the group’s participants, share tricks of the trade and new techniques, and build a repository of shared open source code.

The working group gathers four times a year on a quarterly basis, and is a spin off of NYC Media Lab’s annual Machines + Media event. Meetings include technical demonstrations from startups and researchers, knowledge sharing, and prioritization of challenges and opportunities to jointly pursue. The group also maintains a Slack channel and github repository for coordination across its membership.

To join, please write to Erica Matsumoto, Head of Partnerships at NYC Media Lab at: