Spectrum: AR Applications for Customer Service

AR/VR technologies have the potential to grow and enable more valuable interactions between enterprises and their customers. Current business applications of AR extend beyond creating new retail experiences designed to optimize in-store conversions and offer in-store experiences at home, and include significant cost savings opportunities through applications in post-purchase customer engagement. Accordingly, the global market for AR products are expected to grow by 80 percent to $165 billion by 2024.

Spectrum provides services to over 26 million customers in 41 states and is the second-largest cable operator in the United States. NYC Media Lab and Spectrum recruited teams of graduate students to consider emerging AR technologies to improve their customer service experience.

Students were asked to apply AR technologies to explore new ways for how Spectrum can interact with its customers, specifically for the self-install kit for wireless routers and modems. The students leveraged their backgrounds and experiences in AR to explore compelling use cases, develop a proof of concept, and advise and make recommendations on what may be achievable in the next two to three years. The program will included weekly meetings with leadership at Spectrum, with an emphasis on encouraging interdisciplinary learning, rapid prototyping, and an iterative approach to product and service design.

Participating Teams

Cornell Tech, Connective Media
Team Members: Rainie Sun and Po Yen Tseng
Artzy is a Cornell Tech duo building a wifi connectivity visualization Mobile app by empowering AR technology. Our product allows users to easily understand how the wifi router signal cover the space so that they could get a better wifi connection.

Team Maria
University: NYU Game Center
Team Member:
Maria Mishurenko
Maria Mishurenko is building a fun holographic digital creature with tactile controls that will augment customer experience at Spectrum offline stores.

University: NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program
Team Members:
Dylan Dawkins and Terrick Gutierrez
Zeyeon uses AR to build an instructional game around the setup of Spectrum’s self-install kits. Users help the in-game character find their way home. In order to do so, users must accomplish basic setup steps along the way.

University: NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program
Team Member:
Zahra Khosravi
AR@ITP builds an AR app that assists Spectrum internet customers with the router installation process and troubleshooting of internet connection. The app uses a fun audiovisual approach to guide the user through the steps. As an additional feature, it will offer the users a live chat option.