A+E Networks: Multi-User AR & Geolocation Challenge

Augmented Reality continues to grow and evolve as awareness and device ownership continue to rise. AR capabilities have been added to both Apple and Google smartphone devices, paving the way for brand owners to create additive experiences for their audience that enhance learning and engagement around content.

These recent developments have opened the door for a new level of social interaction. Similarly, geolocation and location-based experiences have gained popularity within the media industry due to its vast utility to gather information and understand developing audiences. Creating opportunities that can scale appropriately is a challenge that requires a lot of data inputs. NYC Media Lab and A+E Networks recruited teams of graduate students to hone in on these two emerging areas in the AR space.

Working with representatives from across the company, the teams demonstrated compelling user interactions and gaming experiences inspired by A+E Networks media content, channels and television shows. Throughout the prototyping challenge, teams also considered business development areas to investigate how immersive AR content can generate new revenue streams for media companies.

Participating Teams

ESC: Project Blue Book
University: The New School, Design & Technology
Team Members: Chao Hui Tu and Tuba Ozkan
ESC: Project Blue Book is an AR Escape Room where players work together to discover clues and solve puzzles in order to accomplish specific goals. The game tracks the storyline of Project BlueBook, a popular HISTORY series based on a true UFO story. Players are assigned by Hynek and Quinn to steal a top-secret document from the Nevada military base as a part of an unauthorized investigation into the reports of the green fireballs.

The Augmentables
University: NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program
Team Members:
Mai Arakida Izsak; Xiao Ma; and Chian Huang
AR Pickers is a cooperative multiplayer experience where users get to be Mike and Frank from the show American Pickers. Players must work together to explore a hidden basement filled with antiques to pick the most rare and precious items from the lot.

Storage Wars AR
Universities: Fairleigh Dickinson University and NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program
Team Members:
Asha Veeraswamy and Peter Locharernkul
Storage Wars is an exploration of human competitiveness within the multi-user augmented reality space. Storage Wars is turn-based bidding game for two people. In this game, users review items in virtual storage lockers & bid against other users. The goal is to find items of value, while avoiding obstacles.