NBCUniversal Blockchain Prototyping Fellowship: Content Monetization

NBC two.jpeg

In 2018, NYC Media Lab presents the NBCUniversal Blockchain Prototyping Fellowship: Content Monetization.

Micro-payments permit new media pricing models that can attract new customer segments who are reluctant to purchase relatively expensive subscriptions for access to a broad range of content, much of which does not interest them. Blockchain-enabled micro-payments can help publishers deliver content “a-la-carte” to capture this group of flexibility-seeking customers. With the help of a blockchain, individual articles, short form videos or other pieces of content could be sold for cent-prices without disproportionate transaction costs. Traditionally ad-sponsored content—such as YouTube videos—can be monetized with an “ad-free” alternative for a small fee. This small fee can be in the form of currency, NBCU credits, coupons, or e-wallet. 

Similarly, for ad supported content, if consumers would like to skip the ad by paying cent-prices, block chain can enable this capability.