A+E Networks Mobile AR Prototyping Fellowship: 1968, the Year that Changed America

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In 2018, NYC Media Lab presents the A+E Networks Mobile Augmented Reality Prototyping Fellowship focused on 1968, the Year that Changed America.

HISTORY, part of A+E Networks, seeks to support NYC-based graduate students in a cohort-based fellowship program that will run in early 2018. The fellowship is intended for individual contributors or teams of no more than three students, who are experienced and capable in rapid prototyping (coding, visual design and user experience) in augmented reality environments. The focus for experimentation will be ARKit for Apple iPhones and ARCore for Android phones.

Why focus on 1968?

1968 was the year that changed America. Civil rights leaders were assassinated; the Vietnam War escalated; students protested; a new president was elected; men orbited the moon. America was a very different place on Dec. 31, 1968 than it was when that year began. 50 years later, as the country continues to change at an ever more rapid pace, we are only beginning to understand the legacy of so many of these events of that pivotal year. To explore this rich history and connect it to the present, HISTORY will create a year-long examination of 1968 and the changes it brought to America.

About HISTORY’s goals for sponsoring this Fellowship

The HISTORY brand is undergoing a reinvention.  As a complement to the series and specials that are presented on-air and the existing topical content on HISTORY.com, the editorial and product teams at HISTORY seek to experiment with augmented reality as a storytelling medium that impacts one's ability to learn and engage with history. The new content approach should appeal to audiences who may not regularly interact with the current HISTORY brand offerings.  

HISTORY wants to explore the potential of augmented reality to help people understand the momentous events of 1968 and of other historical events.  Immersive media has the ability to tell stories in new ways and its transportive qualities open up new possibilities for those interested in historical subjects.  The challenge will be to use AR in a way that moves past its novelty to provide the context that historical content can sometimes lack.  

In success, the projects produced by this Fellowship can be included alongside the content efforts of the HISTORY editorial team.  Over the course of 2018, a range of editorial content will be produced, including video, Web features, interviews, social content and podcasts. AR projects will be judged on their ability to convey the relevance, context and significance of the events of 1968.  

About A+E Networks

A+E Networks is a global media entertainment company that reaches more than 330 million people worldwide, features three of the top cable networks in the United States including A&E, HISTORY and Lifetime.


About the Fellowship

Application deadline: Sunday, December 10 at 5:00pm EST

Notification to Applicants regarding Interview Day: Tuesday, December 12

Interview Day for Finalists: Friday, December 15

Notification to Finalists: Monday, December 18

Eligibility: Individuals must be currently affiliated with a New York City-based university as a student at the time of application.

Program dates in 2018: Exact dates TBD, the program will begin during the week of January 29th, 2018 and end during the week of March 26th, 2018.

Stipend Award per project: $5,000 for completing the Fellowship

Program location: New York City

Program structure: This is a Fellowship for rapid prototyping in augmented reality where students will receive feedback from A+E Networks Mentors throughout the program. Mentors will share their insights around editorial narratives, technology production and product management. When applying to the Fellowship, students will propose what they would like to prototype for the Fellowship, specifically around a historical topic relating to 1968. Fellows will be expected to work on their own and report progress weekly, in person at co-working and critique meetings, with their A+E Networks Mentors. These weekly co-working and critique meetings will take place at A+E Networks. There will be a midpoint works-in-progress demo session of each Fellow’s prototype as well a final demonstration day at the end of the program.

Expected AR experience deliverable for each Fellow: At the Final Demo Day, we will expect a working demonstration for Demo Day attendees to try out. We will also expect a 5-minute presentation of technical lessons learned from participating in the fellowship.

Want to learn more?

We will hold an information session on November 30, 2017 at NYU Kimmel. Sign up here!

Another information session will take place on December 6, 2017 at Parsons School of Design. Sign up here!  

The application is now closed. 

Questions about this fellowship?

Contact: Amy Chen, Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at NYC Media Lab amy.chen[at]nycmedialab.org