The Associated Press: Visualizing Science and Health News in AR


Application Deadline: Friday, November 9th

Funding: $20,000 for 1 team of university researchers

New mobile augmented reality software platforms such as ARKit and ARCore present the opportunity to rapidly prototype new applications, test user experience design, and explore the efficacy of this new medium for informing and engaging users.

NYC Media Lab and the Associated Press (AP) propose to explore the visualization of health and science news in augmented reality by creating and testing prototypes with users and publishing the results. 

Working with journalists and digital media experts at the Associated Press, the selected team of graduate student AR developers and designers will develop an app to engage users on health and science topics.

Over the course of approximately, 12 weeks, this university-industry team will develop and test prototypes and publish the findings of user experience testing. Through iterative design and feedback, the Associated Press will provide technical, design and journalistic mentorship to the university participants.


Application Deadline: Friday, November 9th

 The Associated Press: Visualizing Health and Science News in AR project is open to current university students at the graduate, PhD and Post-Doc level. In the application, please indicate your university affiliation, program, level, and expected date of graduation.

Time Commitment: The program will involve weekly meetings (in-person and virtual) between project mentors from the Associated Press and the selected team. Participants will be expected to develop their product independently, and have regular, weekly report backs, a mid-point presentation, as well as final demo-day presentation.

What is the Associated Press and NYC Media Lab looking for in an applicant? NYC Media Lab is looking for one team of up to 4 students with significant experience creating and developing AR products, and experimenting with new forms of storytelling. Selected participants are expected to have experience with rapid prototyping and will be expected to develop a working AR product in a short amount of time.


Thursday, October 18th (1PM-2PM) at NYU Leslie eLab