A+E Networks: Multi-User AR & Geolocation Challenge

In 2019, A+E Networks will partner with NYC Media Lab to explore two emerging areas in the AR development space: multi-user capabilities and geolocation. Participating teams, to be announced soon, will work alongside representatives from A+E Networks to build prototypes across these two challenge areas.


Multi-User Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality continues to grow and evolve as awareness and device ownership continue to rise. Appleā€™s recent keynote even highlights how AR can be leveraged with their latest generation of products, paving the way for brand owners to create additive experiences for their audience that enhance learning and engagement around content. Now with the advent of multi-user functionality, the door is open for a new level of social interaction.

Primary Goal: Demonstrate compelling interaction using multi-user features.


  • Use ARkit to create a product that allows for two users to engage in a shared experience

  • Experience must have social elements that encourage collaboration and interaction within the same physical space

  • Product must work in any location

  • Must relate to one of our channels or shows

Additional areas of inquiry:

  • Identify activities that multiple (3 or more) people can join

  • Create a business plan around features that users might be willing to pay for


Geolocation experiences have been around for years, gaining popularity thanks to its vast utility. From Foursquare to Pokemon Go, consumers have become accustomed to location-based experiences. Creating opportunities that can scale appropriately is a challenge that requires a lot of data inputs. 

Primary Goal: Facilitate research around scale, pulling in data from trusted sources to populate points of interest internationally.


  • Identify methods of extracting data about geographic locations

  • Data solutions must be scalable in a way that does not require manual updates

  • Sources of data must be trusted

  • Based on sources provided, determine several creative ideas for content/media that can be triggered at a specific location that relate to our of our channels or shows

Additional area of inquiry:

  • Create a business plan around how these experiences might be monetized.