2019 Machines + Media Working Group

Second Quarter Session: Tuesday, June 11 (9:00AM-12:00PM)
Location TBD!

Why Participate?

At the Machines + Media Working Group, you’ll meet like-minded, data-driven peers.
Join us for a session—to be held each quarter in 2019—to collaborate, share ideas and tricks of the trade, engage in joint projects, and work to build a repository of open source code that can help advance the media industry.

NYC Media Lab has built a community of industry executives and technologists, faculty, students, and entrepreneurs each pursuing applications of data science to media. Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and a variety of other technologies are among the most compelling developments for media companies, offering possibilities for the creation, production, distribution and monetization of media content and interactive experiences.

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Agenda for june 11, 2019

9:00AM: Breakfast & Networking
Get to know the group members over coffee & breakfast.

9:30AM: Introduction and Overview
About the 2019 Machines + Media Working Group and ways to collaborate.

9:45AM: What's State of the Art?
Hear from a leading faculty member from NYC Media Lab’s university consortium who is doing cutting-edge research in data.

10:30AM: What's Currently in Market?
Hear a technical presentation from a startup executive.

11:00AM: Roundtable Discussion: What’s Top of Mind?
Engage in a group discussion on top priorities for applications of data science in media.

12:00PM: Event closes

Working group Recap & Related links

Q1 Session

The first quarter session was held on Friday, February 22 at The Associated Press. The event included:

  • A research presentation from: Lydia Chilton, Professor in the Computer Science Department at Columbia University. Her work focuses on crowdsourcing and decomposing hard design problems so that people and machines can collaborate to solve them. She presented VisiBlends, a data system which uses computational techniques and natural language processing to auto-generate visual blends that can pass human visual object recognition.

  • A startup presentation from: Rungson Samroengraja, President & COO of Satisfi Labs. Satisfi Labs is a conversational AI platform. Its Answer Engine powers chatbots, voice experiences, messaging apps and website forums to provide an answer to all customer questions in real time.

  • A startup presentation from: Armando Kirwin, Co-Founder of Artie. Artie helps content creators bring virtual characters to life on mobile. Its network shares insights and analytics in real time, allowing creators to understand how consumers interact with each character.