Machines + Media 2019
NYC Media Lab’s Annual data-driven Event

Thursday, May 23 (8AM-7PM) | Sponsored & Hosted by Bloomberg
731 Lexington Ave, New York, NY | 7th Floor

About Machines + Media 

AI, machine learning, computer vision and future interfaces – data continues to change the way media is produced, distributed, consumed and monetized. NYC Media Lab’s third annual Machines + Media conference, once again being generously sponsored and hosted by Bloomberg, will focus on new applications of data science and technology in journalism and media.

This year’s program will give special consideration to topics such as the impact of AI in a global economy, R&D priorities for media, and how technology experts are teaching computers to see, listen, speak, and interpret emotions. Join speakers and presenters from New York City’s media industry, universities and the tech community to explore the latest new trends and best practices. To learn more about the event, please browse the video documentation of 2018 panels and presentations, read select media highlights, or jump down to the application form to attend the event.

Speakers will be announced soon!

8:00AM: Breakfast and Registration

9:00AM: Keynote Discussion: Artificial Intelligence and Competition. Artificial intelligence stands to change the nature of competition between individuals, companies and nation states. Winners in the AI race may establish an unassailable advantage over losers. What are the key ways that AI will change the nature of competition, and on what time frame? Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait unpacks the question with a panel of experts.

9:45AM: Panel: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Media. AI and machine learning are changing the way media and information are produced, distributed, consumed and monetized. How are these technologies changing the industry? NYC Media Lab Executive Director Justin Hendrix convenes a discussion with senior media executives.

10:30AM: Coffee Break

10:50AM: The State of the Art. We’re teaching computers how to see, listen, speak, and even interpret emotion. Each year, the tech advances. What’s the state of the art in computer vision, natural language processing and generation, emotion recognition and related technologies? A series of short expert presentations by university and industry researchers.

11:50AM: Panel: AI Characters. In the near future, characters, brands and other digital media entities will be animated by artificial intelligence. Interactions with these AI characters will produce highly personalized experiences. This panel discussion will consider the state of the art for developing AI interactions, with a focus on what is now possible, and what gaps exist researchers and entrepreneurs who seek to build solutions.

12:30PM: Lunch

1:30PM: Panel: Deep Dive: The R&D Priorities of the Tech Platforms. At one level, machine driven media is most heavily driven by the R&D priorities of the major technology companies, who can afford to hire the best engineering and computer science talent and benefit from enormous scale. What do we know about the R&D priorities of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, and what do they tell us about the future of media? Analysts combine what is publicly available to give us insight.

2:15PM: Panel: Algorithmic Bias & the Ethics of Machine-Driven Media. The great fear of many about the machine-driven media of the future is that bias and ethical challenges will scale as fast as the algorithmically driven systems into which they are coded. But there are many working on solutions to address these challenges, from technologists and designers to policy makers. This panel discussion will address how to avoid bad outcomes.

3:00PM: Coffee Break

3:20PM: Cities, Satellites and Sensors. As the Earth is increasingly mapped and studied by cameras and sensors, new sources of data are available to help people make sense of the world. How is information from sensors- at every altitude- converted into content and media that people consume? What are the implications for privacy?

4:00PM: Panel: The Chinese User Experience. The Chinese media and information ecosystem is developing amidst a different set of constraints. What can we learn from the Chinese user experience? An expert on Chinese media and technology behavior gives us a nuanced look at the good and bad of media and technology innovation in China.

4:45PM: Keynote. Nick Diakopolous, author of Automating the News: How Algorithms are Rewriting the Media (Harvard University Press, June 2019), gives a keynote address on the subject of his new book. From hidden connections in big data to bots spreading fake news, journalism is increasingly computer-generated. Diakopolous, a renowned expert in computer science and media, explains the present and future of a world in which news is created by algorithms.

5:30PM: Cocktails and Networking

7:00PM: Close

Location & Map

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731 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10022
The event will take place on the 7th floor.


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