NYC Media Lab cultivates a community of practice that includes the City’s leading media, technology, advertising and telecom companies, startups, investors, and university faculty and students to create an open innovation ecosystem. Explore ways to get involved:

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Smart companies know the answers aren't always in the room. That's where we come in. NYC Media Lab offers three levels of membership, ranging in depth of inquiry and engagement with the City’s universities. Explore NYC Media Lab membership to work with NYC university engineers, designers, and data scientists.



This is your opportunity to shape the future of media. Are you a student, faculty member, or a researcher pursuing projects with emerging media technologies? Whether you are pursuing research, prototyping, or entrepreneurship in media and technology innovation, contact us today to tell us what you're up to.


Companies, organizations and investors can partner with NYC Media Lab:

  • The corporate tech and innovation program is NYC Media Lab’s prototyping and applied R&D program for industry-university collaborations. 

  • The Combine is the NYC Media Lab’s cross-university, early-stage accelerator program to launch new and develop promising startups. 


Brainstorming and Product Review: Generate a new product concept, get feedback during product development, or help to re-imagine an existing product line in collaboration with university faculty, researchers and students.

Knowledge Sharing: Collaborate with and receive introductions to top New York City faculty, researchers and experts in emerging media technologies in topics such as AI, machine learning, natural language processing, voice, blockchain, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Corporate Community: Create new connections and engage with peers from member companies through working groups and project collaborations, or use events hosted by NYC Media Lab to organize collaboration within your own company.

Fresh Startups: Access and mentor NYC Media Lab’s Combine startups to gain insights and new ideas from top entrepreneurial talent from NYC universities, and receive introductions to cutting-edge startups in emerging media technologies. 

Student Recruitment: Tap into one of the City’s most valuable assets—its diverse and talented body of students. Members recruit students to join them for hackathons, as interns, or as full-time employees.

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NYC Media Lab offers project and program opportunities for university faculty, students, and researchers. These are often grant funded opportunities through the seed project program and through NYC Media Lab Combine. 

The prototyping project program matches university faculty, students and researchers to curiosities and challenges from NYC Media Lab's corporate members. The seed projects can take the form of a research working group, a hackathon or a design jam, or a fellowship. Prototyping projects have focused on topics from virtual and augmented reality to data science to user experience design. Outcomes of prototyping projects range from demonstration-ready prototypes to whitepapers. NYC Media Lab has also seen the prototyping project program lead to hiring outcomes.

Open calls for the prototyping project program are available throughout the year. 

For entrepreneurial faculty, students and researchers, NYC Media Lab Combine is set up to match new technologies emerging in university labs, studios, classrooms and dorms with a program and resources to commercialize them, via a Lean Launchpad-inspired curriculum and program. Key to the proposition is mentorship and market access from technologists and executives at NYC Media Lab member companies.