ExFR'17: Startup Lightning Pitches

NYC Media Lab has selected ten of the most innovative new companies in the City to deliver their lightning pitch. Guests will learn how startups are leading immersive media innovation, and get a glimpse into the future potential of the medium. The Startup Lightning Pitches will take place at the NYU Leslie eLab (16 Washington Place) during Exploring Future Reality, Thursday, November 30th from 2-3PM. 

Browse the participating Startups...

OBJECTS is a SaaS platform that enables companies to securely upload their 3D content and automatically manage distribution and conversion for industry standard hardware and software platforms.

ViewAR is a SaaS platform that allows anyone to publish and manage Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications without any programming experience. We have implemented over 35 solutions for industry leaders such as Lowe's, Lufthansa and Bang & Olufsen

Emoshape Inc.
Emoshape developed the first Emotion Chip for AI and Robots. We recently announced plugins for Unity and UE4. 

Brain powered ads enabling AI driven media strategy for advertising agencies - making advertising less biased and fairer as well as more human.

StreetSmarts VR    
StreetSmarts VR provides distributed, immersive VR training to police departments to improve officer judgement and reduce avoidable police-citizen violence.

Geopipe gives you detailed models of the real world in an instant. Simply select an area in our web interface, choose the level of detail you need for your application, and download your model in industry-standard file formats.
Semblance AR    Semblance AR lets you make 3D videos of people, places and events with your depth-sensing smartphone and share them with friends and family as augmented reality experiences.

We build autonomous robots that create 360° videos. The content we create is web-based and viewable to a global audience in any language and on any modern device. See the content and data our robots get to benefit your business, and learn why VirtualAPT is the top service provider for all of your company’s needs.

GAROU is a publishing platform and marketplace for amazing VR experiences. High visual fidelity, cloud based, multi-user, social media integrated.

From Columbia University's Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab, vasAR is using augmented reality to provide physicians with personalized 3D models of patients' blood vessels for interactive, real-time guidance during endovascular surgery.