Exploring future reality 2016: pitching Startups

At Exploring Future Reality—Thursday, November 10th 2016 at Viacom—team leads from 12 early stage VR/AR startups selected following an application process will pitch their developing companies as Rob Ruffler of Viacom NEXT will facilitates. Immediately following the startup pitches, an expert panel of investors including Natacha Merritt of West Summit Capital, angel investor Adaora Udoji, Vayner's Shawn Cheng and DJ Smith of The Glimpse Group will offer their review, guidance and insider insights.

Learn about the pitching startups:

Mativision / mativision.com
A global platform that uses Mativision’s proprietary VR technology for good, helping people around the world gain easier and immersive access to medical training.

Obsess / obsessVR.com
Obsess is building a Virtual Reality Shopping Platform for Fashion. Our mission is to replace today’s uninspiring and utilitarian web & mobile e-commerce user experiences for fashion with beautiful immersive interactive shopping experiences using VR as the medium.

OneBook by Phylosofy / phylosofy.com
OneBook is a paper book on which any digital content can be viewed using augmented or virtual reality. OneBook bridges the pleasure of the physical with the convenience of the digital.

Datavized Technologies, Inc. / datavized.com
VR Basketball Data Visualization powered by Datavized, is the world's first WebVR sports data visualization in virtual reality of every shot attempted by every NBA player in the 2015-2016 season.

Lampix / lampix.co/
Lampix transforms any surface into a smart surface. Lampix is an integrated hardware- and software platform based on extensive user research. Through projection and computer vision we create augmented reality, without glasses, on fixed horizontal surfaces.

VirtualApt / virtualapt.com
We create technology for virtual and augmented reality. Our focus is on creating premium content of real spaces and adding mobility to VR. We create our own software and robots that allow the end user to walk through a space and get the full immersive storytelling/sales presentation that VR allows.

WheresMyMedia / wheresmymedia.com
It's a WebVR based workflow and collaboration platform for live and post VR/360 and productions. This includes hands free tools using your voice in headset and works on desktop, mobile and mobile devices such as phones.

SVRROUND / svrround.com
Svrround is an enterprise ecosystem to quickly assemble and launch social live 360 video streams.

Trio Mount / trio.camera
The Trio Mount is a system for capturing live action 360 stereoscopic video with a novel method for adjusting the interaxial distance while recording. Our demo will include an explanation of the thinking behind the design and demonstration of the first prototype.

The Body VR / TheBodyVR.com
The Body VR is an educational virtual reality experience that takes the user inside the human body. The demo allows you to travel through the circulatory system and discover how blood cells work to deliver oxygen throughout the body. You can even enter one of the billions of living cells inside our body and learn how the organelles work together to fight deadly viruses.

Geopipe / geopi.pe
Architects, urban planners, game designers, VR artists, and many others need detailed 3D models of the real world to render, modify, and explore. Making these models by hand is extremely time-consuming, and requires extensive reference material. Geopipe applies deep learning to (big) sensor data and imagery about the real world to quickly and automatically generate immersive, highly detailed models of the world that users can load and manipulate in their own familiar software. We have a functioning prototype that can understand several types of data about the world and produce complete 3D models.

MediVis / mediv.is
Through MediVis' development, we will empower the everyday clinician and surgeon to visualize a patient's medical imaging in the most intuitive manner, in an augmented reality environment using stereoscopic head mounted display technology.