Open Call! Sports/Media/Tech Startup Bootcamp

In partnership with NYC Media Lab, Verizon and Yahoo Sports will award $5,000 grants to teams of entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers and product-driven designers who seek to build new ventures. Kicking off in June of 2018, NYC Media Lab will execute an 8-week Lean Launchpad program to encourage and support customer discovery and market validation. 

Four teams will be selected to participate, and will work within the following themes...

How can 5G and an Intelligent Edge network impact the fan experience at next-generation sports stadiums, arenas and other “connected” venues?

How can 5G and an Intelligent Edge network enable more compelling and meaningful e-sports experiences for gamers and fans?

How can mobile-first applications of emerging media technology like augmented reality, computer vision, and personalization algorithms engage the generation Z (born in the mid 1990s to early 2000’s) audience for sports?