Research Project: Non-Entertainment Augmented Reality


In partnership with Hearst Ventures, NYC Media Lab will manage a research project for current MBA students at NYC universities. The goal is to focus on forecasting how augmented reality technology will be applied across a range of non-entertainment verticals such as finance, healthcare, retail and commerce, manufacturing and logistics. Students may look across multiple regions of the world including the US, Europe, Israel and China. The student team, in cooperation with Hearst and NYC Media Lab, may select alternative and/or additional verticals.

This project seeks a research working group of MBA students to produce a slide presentation and an accompanying whitepaper detailing opportunities in this area. MBA students must form their own team of 3-5 people when applying for this opportunity. The team will be awarded a $10,000 award (to be split among the participants) from NYC Media Lab to complete this project.

Project Deliverables

1)    The primary output for the working group will be the slide deck. The group will be expected to deliver a 1-hour presentation at Hearst Ventures with a comprehensive deck. Following the presentation will be a Q+A session with Hearst Ventures, other invited guests from Hearst, and NYC Media Lab. Final deliverables also include back-up materials gathered for this presentation. 

2)    The group will also be expected to deliver a whitepaper (10-15 pages) to accompany the deck. The whitepaper will have a global focus on non-entertainment AR.

Both deliverables should have:

●      An executive summary

●      Focus areas on 4 verticals (perhaps: finance, health, retail/commerce, manufacturing/logistics) with multiple pages on each area outlining the relevant business models in each vertical.

○      Focus areas pages will include a minimum of 25 primary source interviews.

○      The research will detail what may be relevant in the next 2-5 years. This project is not intended to provide an outlook beyond 5 years.

○      It will be necessary to provide examples of current use cases that explain which specific companies are actively pursuing the market opportunity. Also, the research should describe details on fundraising and public perception of the companies.

○      The research will provide high-level overviews on the technologies that enable use cases in the verticals, and indicate a timeline for expectations for maturity of the technologies.

●      Source material including footnotes and references

●      Exhibits and charts


The ideal candidates will possess:

●      2+ years of professional experience in investment banking, corporate development, management consulting or market research

●      A writing sample of an industry-specific whitepaper

●      A sample of a PowerPoint presentation that was previously delivered to an executive audience

●      A demonstrated interest in emerging media technologies and the telecommunications, technology and media sectors

●      Excellent communication skills and etiquette


Project timeline:

Early February    Application opens

February 28  Application deadline

March 2 & 3  Interview with finalists

March 6        Project kickoff at Hearst Ventures

March 10            Check-in meeting with NYC Media Lab

March 24            Check-in meeting with NYC Media Lab

March 31             Check-in meeting with NYC Media Lab

April 10               Midpoint meeting with Hearst Ventures

April 21               Check-in meeting with NYC Media Lab

April 28              Check-in meeting with NYC Media Lab (last week of the project)

May 5                 Final presentation preparation

May 12               Final presentation of deliverables at Hearst Ventures


If there are any questions about this project, contact Amy Chen at