Machines + Media

  • Bloomberg 731 Lexington Avenue New York, NY, 10022 United States

Natural language generation, automatic video production, personalization and recommendations—data is changing the way media is produced, distributed and consumed. Machines + Media will focus on present and future developments for these new applications.

Machines + Media has been generously sponsored by Bloomberg, and this event will be free of charge to all attendees. However, due to capacity restrictions, there is a brief application process to attend this event. Find application and registration information at the link below:


Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

7th Floor
731 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10022


Speakers to be announced soon!

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The Machines Are Coming: Automating the Media.
Panel discussion. From text to images to video to audio, media is now completely machine readable. Applications of data science, from machine and deep learning to artificial intelligence, are sweeping over the industry and changing the way media is produced, distributed, consumed and monetized. This discussion will set the agenda and explore the key themes for the day.

It’s Magic Time: The State of the Art
15-minute presentations. Three flash presentations on how data science techniques are changing the building blocks of media: Text, Images and Video, Voice and audio

Coffee Break & Networking

Platforms Eat the World
Panel discussion. In the machine-driven media ecosystem of tomorrow, platforms will largely dominate the economics and user experience for media. What is the future of media companies in this environment, and how should they think about organizing their own R&D and strategic activities to survive?

The Economics of Machine Driven Media
Panel discussion. From automation to augmentation, media companies that embrace machines do so to find economic advantage. Efficiencies and optimization are possible in every area of the business, from content production to monetization. Increasingly, automation will change the balance sheets for media companies. What will the media company of the future look like?

Racing with the Machines
Panel discussion. In order to take advantage of machine driven media, companies will have to think differently about how they organize themselves, the types of talent they retain and how they structure their teams. What are early best practices?

Lunch & Demo Sessions

People, Too: Human centered design in a machine driven company
Panel discussion. As media is more and more automated and machine driven, and as media experiences are more and more environmental- think augmented reality or voice interfaces- user experience and design questions become important, both for consumers and for workflows inside media companies. How can machine driven companies keep design at the heart of the mission?

Off the Beaten Path: Inspiration from elsewhere
Rapid presentations + panel discussion. These new technologies are changing media fundamentally- it makes sense to look beyond the usual sources for inspiration. Companies abroad- particularly in Asia- offer fresh thinking on how media and data can be combined at scale. And companies not traditionally understood as media companies may in fact hold key insights. This session will look for inspiration from these sources.

Startups Lead the Way
Lightning pitches. A new generation of startups is defining the future of machine-driven media, and in some cases helping traditional media companies retrofit themselves for a platform-driven, data-driven world. Five companies make five lightning pitches.

Investing in Machine-Driven Media
Panel discussion. A panel of investors discuss the way they see these trends and technologies evolving, and what strategic considerations inform their investment decisions.

The Dark Side of Machine Driven Media
Rapid presentations + panel discussion. From “Fake News” to filter bubbles, from privacy concerns to cybersecurity, there are profound challenges for individuals, companies and society in a machine-driven future. This discussion will address key considerations and ask what role media and technology companies should play in solving for negative outcomes and externalities that emerge from the application of these new technologies.

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